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Tips For Improving Your Baseball Game

Because baseball is game of skill, the top athlete isn’t always the better baseball player, especially if he or she doesn’t possess the multitude of skills that can help them become a complete pla........ Read More

Funny Baseball Quotes

Here are some funny baseball quotes that made me laugh. Funny Baseball Quotes A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings. Earl Wilson When they start the game, they do........ Read More

What I Know And Remember About Baseball - Relay

Off the wall in left center, the fielder scoops up the ball as the runner approaches third. The Catcher has aligned the cut off man for a straight ball path from the fielder to home plate. Center fiel........ Read More

Barry Bond, Steroids And Major League Baseball

Copyright 2006 David Maillie In the last 5 years the growing popularity and use of illegal substances (steroids) in major league baseball has created a public outcry and led to indictments, arrests a........ Read More

Baseballs’ Greatest Cheaters

The great American game of baseball!! Home runs, triple plays, and the World Series, make viewing this sport a great pastime. Fans, over generations of time, have come to hold special individual memor........ Read More

Baseball Betting: Did You Bet The Reds On Their Road Trip?

There has to be at least one gambling fan of the Cincinnati Reds in America who woke up May 31st after the Reds had lost their first two games of the road trip to the Cubbies and decided the Reds woul........ Read More

Baseball And The Steroids Issues

In 5 last years the increasing popularity and the use of the illegal substances like steroids in the principal baseball of league created a public outcry and carried out to the bills of indictment, th........ Read More

A Training Guide To Baseball

Handling the beater or putting wood at the ball, is the key with the success or the failure of the club of ball and the individual. There is no great mystery about what makes to a boy a good bruis........ Read More

Jackie Robinson And The Integration Of Us Baseball

In 1945, when Jackie Robinson batted .387 for the Negro League Kansas City Monarchs, he established himself as an excellent athlete. Two years later, when he stepped onto the Brooklyn Dodgers’........ Read More

Vintage And Historic Baseball Memorabilia

Baseball gloves are available in almost every size, color and material known to man. Traditional gloves are made from leather or faux-leather and more recently from buffalo and kangaroo hides. No matt........ Read More

How To Clean And Wash A Baseball Cap

A baseball hat that is a grimy, sweaty mess can easily be restored to its original condition with a good washing. To begin, take a look at the tag on the inside of the hat. That should tell you wh........ Read More

Brief History Of The Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team

The AA folded in 1890 and the team switched to the NL as the Brooklyn Superbas. Under Ned Hanlon, the Superbas won the NL pennants in 1899 and 1900, becoming the only franchise in MLB history to win p........ Read More

Better Youth Baseball Gloves

A good ball glove can have a big effect on youth’s enjoyment of playing baseball and even about whether baseball is a worthwhile sport for them to participate in. Kids could be playing many other sp........ Read More

Game Ready Baseball Gloves

Game Ready Baseball Gloves? Hey Dad! You know what’s best, don’t let your children make the decision Soft and not durable leathers, pigskin being the most popular. Offerings from the Big 3 (Raw........ Read More

Bettor Up! It’s Baseball Season!

Are you ready for some baseball? Some baseball, you said! It’s a 7-month, 162-game season, which means there’s plenty of opportunity to place your wagers. In fact, from April 4th through October t........ Read More


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